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Green Support for fuel Use-Blends to Extend Deadlines of Comfort

Mahesh K. Dalal
Dorf Ketal Speciality Cataysts P Ltd, India/Shri JJTUniversity, Rajasthan, India

Abstract—As the Deadline for non availability of fossil fuel inches closer, options to continue the comfort of modern life by migrating to renewable sources of energy must be weighed. The present paper discusses renewable fuel sources. The best option is the use of blends of biofuels/bio diesel which can be increased from 5% to 15% and more gradually and uniformally increasing with time to extend the deadline for exaustion of non renewable fuel sources across all regions and to avail maximum advantage in global village combating on many fronts like climate change, depleting resources, ozon layer depletion etc for comfort by environmental management. 

Index Terms—biodiesel, fuel, non renewable sources, renewable sources of energy, blending of biodiesel, B5, B15

Cite: Mahesh K. Dalal, "Green Support for fuel Use-Blends to Extend Deadlines of Comfort," Journal of Industrial and Intelligent Information, Vol. 4, No. 1, pp. 51-55, January 2016. doi: 10.12720/jiii.4.1.51-55
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